A Samsung store caught fire one day before S8 release.

Samsung could really use a break.
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This post originally appeared in Business Insider.

A Samsung store in Singapore caught fire on Tuesday morning, just a day before the company is set to announce its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.

According to Channel News Asia, Samsung confirmed there was a fire at the store’s location in the AMK Hub shopping center, and it was quickly extinguished by water sprinklers. There were no reported injuries, and several surrounding stores had to be temporarily closed down, according to the report.

The cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but it supposedly involved “contents measuring 1m by 2m” in the store’s storeroom, according to Channel News Asia.

The fire’s timing is unfortunate. The event will lead many to remember Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, where multiple units caught fire due to poor battery design. As a result, the Galaxy Note 7 was pulled from store shelves, and its production was halted just two months after it was released.

Samsung announced on Monday that it would soon begin selling refurbished units of the Galaxy Note 7 with smaller batteries that will supposedly prevent battery-related fires. The company said it wouldn’t be selling the refurbished devices in the U.S., and it has yet to determine which markets it’ll sell the devices. It’s unclear whether Singapore is one of those markets.

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