Davidson’s Excuse for Missing the Meeting Seemed a Bit Fishy

No Thanks Business Cartoon

One of my tricks when I’m a little stumped is to imagine an animal in an office and let my brain wander. Incongruity is usually a pretty good kick in the ol’ brain.

Normally, though, I pick something like a cat or a dog or a bear — something more typically anthropomorphic. But for whatever reason, this day I chose a salmon. Yep, a salmon.

So right away I remembered that salmon swim upstream to spawn. You see it in like every other nature film. But how to address that in an office?

Is there some sort of manager salmon to keep track of their progress? Did someone check to see if it was the bears’ day off? Do they just call an Uber?

It took a bit, but just acknowledging the whole weird situation ended up working best. And now I can scratch “draw fish at work” off my to-do list.

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