How To Copy Xbox 360 Games

Unless I’m sadly mistaken, you’re reading this article because you have an Xbox 360 game system, and you’re thinking that it’s about time that you learned how to copy Xbox 360 games. If I could venture another guess, you’ve probably already scratched one of your favorite games and are beginning to worry about when you’d be able to afford to replace it if it was damaged so bad that you could no longer play it. The high cost of these games is through the roof. Buying the first game is expensive enough without having to double the cost by buying it a second time. Fortunately for you, actually for all of us gamers, there is software out there that will enable you to copy Xbox 360 games easily.

When I first found out how to copy Xbox 360 games and started making backup copies of my Xbox 360 games, friends would caution me that what I was doing was against the law and I could be arrested by the FBI and put in jail. That’s simply not true. It is a fact that making copies of games for resale, or even to give away, is a crime, but it is perfectly legal to make backup copies of games that you own for your own personal use. So don’t worry about legalities. Just don’t copy for profit.

You may have already posed the question in your mind about why you can’t copy the game disks using the same software that you used to copy your music and video CDs and DVDs. Copy protection is the reason. The Xbox game developers embed a copy protection code into their games to prevent gamers from making playable copies. You’ll need to buy game copying software that is specifically designed to know how to copy an Xbox 360 game by bypassing that copy protection to give you excellent playable backup game disks. All you’ll need to start making your own backups are a personal computer with a DVD/CD burner, your original game disks, and some blank DVDs. Make sure you buy high quality disks. These games are expensive. You want to be sure that your backup copies are benefitting from being copied to good quality media to ensure that they will play well.

Once you have all of the equipment that you need, making copies is easy, using the steps indicated below.

1. Install the game copying software onto your computer and start it up.
2. Insert an original Xbox 360 game disk into the DVD/CD drive and follow the onscreen instructions.
3. When the onscreen display indicates that the game data has been copied to the hard drive, remove the original game disk from the DVD/CD drive.
4. Insert a blank DVD into the DVD/CD drive and follow the onscreen instructions.
5. When the onscreen display indicates that the game data has been copied from the hard drive to the blank disk, remove the backup copy of the game from the DVD/CD drive.

If you’re a smart gamer, and you must be if you’re prudent enough to have learned how to copy Xbox 360 games, store the original game disks away for safekeeping. Use the backup copies for daily playing. You’ll need the original disks only when it is necessary to make a new backup copy should the game be lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. You’re now an expert on how to copy Xbox 360 games, and your stored original disks are now a protected entertainment investment.

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