Downloading DS Games

A lucrative way to get access to titles which are tricky to obtain for one reason or another, downloading games for your DS can be a quick alterative.

It can also offer a convenient way to have access to all of your favorite titles without having to invest in expensive carrying cases for all of your cartridges (it isn’t necessary to document all of them.). To download Nintendo DS games from the internet, there are some programs and physical items that you need available to make it happen. You should purchase an excellent R4 DS card that includes a micro SD card and a flash drive as part of the package. You can use the flash drive to get the games onto your SD card, which will then fit into the R4 card that can run in the DS itself. The cost of these items, which goes largely according to quality, is in the range of $50-$100. If these numbers make you wince, consider that the average price for a DS cartridge is normally around $25 and this hardware will easily house a dozen games. You will be happy that you spent the money in the end.

Your next challenge after getting all of the right equipment is to get a hold of the desired games. You can download Nintendo DS games from the numerous websites that are available or through the P2P and torrent community. Of course, the danger of adware, spyware and other malicious programs embedded in the program is ever-present with the danger with obtaining popular titles for free. You should always review the website thoroughly before you download Nintendo DS games.  As such, you should read other people’s reviews and comments about the website to determine if this is a website you should download games from. Before loading it on your flash card and or SD card it would be a splendid idea to scan the software using an antivirus program, just to be safe. Although it may take more time to find the DS game that you want to download, it is better option than loading your computer full of viruses. (let alone your DS) bombarded with malicious software. If you think that it is too good to be true, it probably is.

Once you have the file and you’re assured that it’s safe, put the flash drive into your PC and put your SD card into the flash drive. Convert the files over to theNDS format files saved to your SD card. You can do this with programs such as WinRAR(which may require you to “unzip” the download).Simply insert the SD card into your R4 card and then put your R4 card in you Nintendo DS. All your desired titles handily housed in one easy-to-carry cartridge rather than a series of clunky plastic cartridges, and you should be good to go!

Downloading DS games can be easy and a great way to save money as long as you have the equipment available and you have a good sense of caution when browsing DS games you want to download.

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