‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Update Releases New Contents & Bonuses; ‘GTA V’ New Mod Features Ultra-Realistic 4K Texture : trending news : iSportsTimes.com

“Grand Theft Auto V” received new contents and other bonuses. It includes amazing new stunt races, bonus money, and a new supercar. “GTA V” modding community also released a new mod that features 4K texture and realistic images.

“GTA V” Features New Contents And Bonuses

According to Geek Reply, the developers of “Grand Theft Auto V” have added new contents to the game. It includes 20 more stunt races for Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000, and Blazer Aqua. “GTA V” players are also offered with double their usual amount of money and RP earned from missions. This offer will last until March 22, 2017.

“GTA V” New Mod: Ultra-Realistic 4K Texture

According to Gamers Greed, “Grand Theft Auto” Modding Community’s DoctorGTA has released a new mod for “GTA V.” This new mod is made with the Make Visuals Great Again mod. It features new “GTA V” Ultra Real Graphics Mod 2017 in 4K.

The new “Grand Theft Auto V” Make Visuals Great Again mod is a complete visual overhaul. It allows players to use it without much effect on fps and also on the laptops. It also offers amazing landscapes and great balance with lighting and brightness. Furthermore, “GTA V” new mod is regularly updated with new features and options.

“GTA V” Offers New Super Car And Vehicle Instant Access

“GTA V” also features an all new super car, the Progen GP1. It is a two-door car that costs $1,260,000 dollars to buy from Legendary Motorsport.

“Grand Theft Auto V” developers have also unchained some content from the level requirements. “GTA V” players can now avail the new heist vehicle instant access. With this, they can now buy vehicles without the need to meet the level requirements. These vehicles include Heavy Insurgent, Rhino, Annihilator, Buzzard, and Dubsta 6×6.

Avail 25% Discount On Different Items

Players of “GTA V” can now also avail 25% off the different items. It includes Body armor, Engine upgrades, Exhausts, Import or export clothing, Penthouse apartments, Spoilers, Stilt houses, Submachine guns, The Progen T20, and Turbo upgrades.

Join The “GTA V” Premium Race

“Grand Theft Auto V” players can now also join the New Redneck Special Vehicle Race that offers a massive prize pool. Rewards will be given to the top three finishers and triple the RP for all racers. “GTA V” players can start up this mission using the Quick Job App that can be found in their in-game smartphone.

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