How to Change Your Nintendo DS into an IPod

Intelligent people have figured out how to make the Nintendo DS do all kinds of wonderful things and transform your console into a virtual iPod is one of them. It is a relatively simple process, but before we go further let a complete list of all the things you need.

1. Nintendo DS.
2. A PC with Internet access.
3. Lots of songs in. Mp3 on your PC.
4. R4 DS adapter.
5. SD card.
6. Adapter that allows the SD card to plug into your PC.
7. Software already installed on your DS to allow the R4 cartridge to work.

For more information on the R4 and SD card adapters do a search on Google – the software mentioned in paragraph 7 must be provided with the product.

Hopefully everything will already be meaningful to you and you just want to turn your DS into an iPod.

So let’s get down to business, the process takes about 10 minutes and you begin by taking the R4 cartridge in your DS, and then you take the small (micro) SD card from the R4 and put it (SD card) in a adapter that enables connectivity with your PC.

When you have your SD card plugged into your computer, it appears as a folder on your desktop.

So far so good, now the next step is to search Google for “LMP-ng – it is a music player for the Nintendo DS that was created by Lick (LMP means Lick Music Player) and “Lick ‘is the person who invented the iPod software for the Nintendo DS.

Type “Lick LMP” in Google – is the first time you’ve found the search page for the latest ‘stable’ version, this means that the application is current and has no problems.

Do not download all the versions of the instability, although they are more recent, because they do not work.

Once you’ve found a version, download it to your desktop with the invitation usual until the download starts.

When the files are on your desktop, create a new folder and give it the title of “iPod”, then drag your newly downloaded files into this new folder.

Now, remember the right of return at the beginning of this article when you insert your SD card into your PC via an adapter?

Well it’s time to look on your PC and drag the newly created folder in the iPod.

Once done remove the SD card from your PC / adapter and insert it into your R4 cartridge, and then put the R4 cartridge into your Nintendo DS.

Turn on your DS and select the folder called “iPod”, you will be asked if you want to save the answers “yes”, then a replica of the famous iPod design should appear on both screens of the DS.

The top screen displays information such as Playlists, Artists, Albums, etc and the bottom of the screen in true style DS takes care of its functions.

You will probably notice around now that there is no music on the iPod, so what you do … turn off the DS, the SD card from the R4 again and back on the essential steps that you did at the beginning of the process, i.e. plugs your SD card to your PC.

Once you’ve done that you can drag and drop your music in the iPod folder that you created earlier, you do not need to create more folders (although you are very organized type you can) and music can be deleted from iTunes or elsewhere, as it is. Mp3 format.

Once the songs are installed in the iPod take the SD card / adapter on the PC and put it back in the R4 cartridge exactly as you did before and reinsert it into your DS.

On your iPod select DS again, press A to select and watch with amazement as you realize all your songs on your DS…. or should that be your Nintendo Virtual iPod.

Aaron Lewis is a music nut and employment DS DS’s favorite game is Mario Kart (while listening to music at the same time). He has a Colbat / Blue DS is never far from his side.

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