Killer OnePlus 5 Heralds ‘Black Lava’ Visage, OnePlus 4 Has No Future As Moniker Attracts Bad Luck : Tech : University Herald

OnePlus 5 makers surely know how to make a grand entrance by leaking its own marketing materials ahead of the flagship’s official rollout. The next OnePlus line up is definitely gathering a very hyped attention as it still the limelight from Apple’s iPhone 8 with a new skin color, attention-grabbing tagline and bad luck propaganda.

This iPhone 8-killer phones, OnePlus 5 has taken over the second week of March by headlining every smartphone forums and tech feeds with a leaked information regarding the phone’s future look and promotional material. According to Evan Blass who leaked the OnePlus 5 detail in his Twitter Account, the Chinese phone will use “Never Settle” as its latest tagline.

In addition, the tweet also revealed that the OnePlus 5 lineup will have a black lava color variant. The dark lava variant for the next OnePlus phones could appear in a new metal unibody design, Financial Express reported. Prior to the tweet, David Ruddock of Android Police also hinted a dark design color.

However, there are several rumors that suggest that the dark color might be intended for OnePlus 3T instead. Whether this rumor is true or not, OnePlus 5 will host a 4000mAh battery life side by side and 8GB of RAM.

Amid such rumors, other speculation leads to a theory that the level of truth accorded to the OnePlus 5’s launch is no brainer since the moniker 4 which is actually next in line has been considered as a sign of bad luck by the Chinese. Thus, OnePlus will most probably drop it and use the following number as sequence moniker.

As per OnePlus 5 specs, fans and tech enthusiasts are advised to wait for the official announcement from OnePlus regarding its upcoming flagship. For now, tune into University Herald for more updates.

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