Nintendo Dsi R4

Video game consoles and hardware are popular among people across the world, irrespective of their age and gender. The video game industry has grown exceedingly and now it is currently dealing with million dollar industry. This industry has changed the acumen of playing games and having enjoyment in people’s lives.

One of the most favorite among the video game lovers today is the R4 Dsi console which has been developed and marketed by one of the biggest names in the gaming industry Nintendo Entertainment System or NES. In the recent times the NES has dramatically changed the world of hand held gaming devices with the introduction of Nintendo Ds and the Nintendo Dsi console.

The newest one on the block is Ds which is an improvisation on the Dsi and with added features. The company has added many new interesting features and also made some extensive changes in R4 Dsi. If you compare the console it is almost 10% lighter than the previous Ds console. The R4 Dsi console provides two digital cameras and quite some features. In R4 Dsi screens are now excessive with highly enhanced speakers. These entire specialties have been added in view of making the R4 Dsi console more user-friendly so that the users can easily maneuver it and have fun filled interaction without any interruptions. Overall the design of R4 Dsi is simple and basic.

One of the greatest advantages with R4 Dsi console is that it now comes with an additional SD card slot. Where you can easily take pictures with the console and you can store them on this SD card memory. These pictures or any other things such as audio files or even downloaded software can be easily transferred to a PC. You can also store audio files and video files on this SD card and play using the game console. The audio player with R4 Dsi also lets you record your own voice.

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