R4 Firmware For Nintendo Games

There are some questions asked frequently by the users and I have tried to give the answers to the users to solve their queries.

Is the R4 OS/Firmware can be upgraded?

A: Yes! And the best part is that its DEAD EASY and SAFE to do it. Do I have to flash my DS firmware in order to operate the R4? B: No firmware tricks are required to use the R4. Don’t ever try to change your firmware because if u do so you lose your warranty!

In a somewhat ironic twist, the R4 team has announced on GBAtemp that from September 15th onwards, R4 firmware updates may brick your DS. Why have they been upto this? Why is it that for a long time no firmware update has come out? Do the R4 team hate us? WHHY, R4 team, WHY? The R4 team Is certainly not going to hate. By the way there is one new firmware for R4DS flash card:

1. It supports NDS and GBA games card ans it automatically recognize slot 2 adapter. 2. Frameset can be customised for loading slot 2 GBA games. (save your gbaframe .bmp to _system_ dir) 3. Backup/Restore game saves. (press SELECT to switch to Display Savefiles, choose the SAV file and then press A to backup, chose the BAK file and then press A to restore) 4. You can empty directory and it also supports deleting file. (Press X to del while highlighting the corresponding file or directory) 5. Bug has been fixed for 0970 save complicacy.

There is sometning new that the R4 DS team have released a new version of their firmware for the flash cart.: 1) Optimization delete process; 2) Solve the 0991 issue; 3) Solve issue to some of the games without displays of icon and the title; 4) Support master switch of action replay cheat for real-time game (opening cheats by L+R+START+UP, temporaryly closing cheats by L+R+START+DOWN); 5) When cheats to the same game are in both the official database and the users database, users can choose to use the cheat in any database; 6) Solve the 1070 achiving issue; 7) Solve the 1085 issue; 8) Update Cheat code editor v1.01; 9) Released the list of cheats.

But anyways, for those who have genuine R4 cards, you need not worry! Apparently the bricking only applies to the “R4 clone cards” that are able to function using the R4’s firmware. For the rest of you, however, you’ll have to find other ways to update your card: Getting the R4 from now on will be playing with Death (for your DS)! Bricking as in completely forcing up your DS! Bricking as in making your DS useless so that it functions better as a brick than an actual gaming console!

As soon as this deadly firmware pops-up, the NDS-Roms News team will let you know.

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