Spotlight: Startmarke Offers Customizable Marketing Options Specifically for Startups

Spotlight: Startmarke Offers Customizable Marketing Packages for Small Businesses

Marketing a startup isn’t a straightforward process. There are countless different routes that businesses can take to get the word out. So it can be invaluable for those businesses to have some help when they’re starting out.

And that’s exactly the type of thing that Startmarke provides. The company specializes in helping startup companies with various areas of marketing, offering unique customizable services like content planning, website SEO services and more. Read about the company, and its marketing packages for small businesses, below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Sells custom marketing packages for small businesses and startups.

Founder Demetrius Brown told Small Business Trends, “Startmarke offers small businesses and startup companies low priced marketing packages with a number of custom add on options.”

Business Niche

Offering solutions that are affordable for small businesses.

Brown says, “We make all of our pricing transparent and upfront with our flat fee pricing structure.”

Spotlight: Startmarke Offers Customizable Marketing Packages for Small Businesses

How the Business Got Started

After working with larger businesses.

Brown explains, “I myself the founder, worked previously as an engineer for a software company. I then went on to work in marketing and advertising consulting Fortune 500 companies and brands on marketing to Millennials. I started Startmarke which stands for (Marketing for Startups) to help small business and startups with their marketing efforts when they need it most while remaining budget friendly.”

Biggest Risk

Starting the company without any capital.

Brown says, “I completely bootstrapped and worked from the ground up to gain clients and help get our name out there. If I did not have knowledge in understanding how to market there could have been a different turnout. The result of my risk is that I learned more about how to build an effective strategy on a tight budget.”

Lesson Learned

Start with a detailed plan.

Brown says, “I would start by raising capital for my company as well as drawing out a more detailed roadmap for the future.”

Spotlight: Startmarke Offers Customizable Marketing Packages for Small Businesses

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Promoting the business.

Brown says, “I would use a portion of the funds marketing and promoting the business. The rest of the money I would use for working capital.”

Favorite Quote

“Yesterday has already happened, and tomorrow doesn’t exist yet, seize the day” – Demetrius Brown

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