Video Games – What Happened to the Fun?

Since the music and movie industry were hit hard by the internet bootleggers, most of the money is now being made in video games. This is not too say that video games are not shared online, but they are shared a bit less as people can not figure out how to make these copies playable on certain new systems. The PlayStation 3 even though it is one of the most popular systems out has virtually zero losses due to piracy. This makes video games the platform where most of the entertainment money is going to.

As the budgets and popularity of games increased, it has been noticeable that the games became prettier, bigger and badder over time. There are a few franchises such as Final Fantasy that have take this to another level. These releases always push the boundaries of the graphical abilities of the systems that they are on and have done so for over a decade. I have always liked this trend, but now that we are getting to the point that the graphics are almost as good as actual movies the challenging game play and fun has went out the window.

I remember playing the super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, still do from time to time, and this is due to the fact that these games are just great. I can still enjoy Mario or Sonic and even though the graphics do not have much in common with the current releases their replay ability and simplicity of controls is remarkable. It takes minutes to play and years to master, and this I do not see in the new releases. The games coming out now for the most part seem like interactive movies that you only want to play through once. After that there is not much to go and see, as we already know the story and by replaying would simply follow in our old footsteps once again.

There are exceptions such as the Grand Theft Auto series and this could be partly why it has become so popular. Even those games are starting to become stale now as nothing new has been introduced to them in years. We are still running around, completing missions, stealing cars and the only noticeable difference is the graphics. I do understand that the look of the game is very important as gamers expect improvement, but seriously what has happened to the fun?

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